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Rewarded worker

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Newspaper February 16 4th edition published "tricycles, accidentally dropping large sums of money and important documents picked up a package of new residents Liguo Long night notify the owner, complicated by a text message" peace of mind to sleep, see you tomorrow ! " "a text, reports of Anhui membership of new residents Liguo Long picked up 19,000 yuan overnight notify the owner deeds.

        After the article was published, many readers Liguo Long behavior thumbs-up. In the morning of February 17, the City Charity, the person in charge of the new residents Services Authority came Liguo Long work Zhejiang Huatai Plastic Co., Ltd., sent to the of Paul Chen Huaxin integrity and moral Fund 5000 dollars in prize money.

     That morning the briefcase back to the owner, and my heart indescribably happy happy, holding 1.9 million. "See that we came to visit, Liguo Long said excitedly.

       Liguo Long told reporters that into Zhejiang Huatai Plastic Co., Ltd. Since 2004 he has been working so far, wife of the employees of the enterprise, the monthly salary of the two add up to about 5,000 yuan, but the family has two children, a primary school, a read kindergarteners, household spending big, the couple worked hard year, a savings of less than 2 million.

    "19,000 yuan equivalent to my house a year savings, but the return of lost property is the duty of a man thing." Liguo Long said.

       Liguo Long's wife Wang Hong said: "Although we are in need of money, but that money is lost by someone else, when he told me that when we agreed to be returned to the rightful owners, after all, not at ease with other people's money."

     Liguo Long's behavior is the pride of our company, in the company work hard for the past eight years, the company's loyalty is commendable. "Huatai Plastics Group Chairman Youzuo Hu, Liguo Long rolling workshop vice squad , the future will be as the focus of cultivation and promotion to give priority to.

   City residents Services Authority deputy director of Bao Zhi Ding Liguo Long returning lost money move is a model of the city's more than 600,000 new residents.

       Ryan COMMUNIST PARTY, executive vice president of, Paul Chen Huaxin, integrity and moral Fund chairman, said: "Zheng Chaohao picked up the lost property returned to the owner extraordinary things, but picked up 19,000 yuan for low-income residents, decided to be returned to their rightful owners really The spirit is commendable, integrity morality worth airing, so we decided to reward research. "


       Such a compliment!

      Newspaper on the 16th this 4th edition published picked up a package of new residents Liguo Long night to notify the owner, concurrent SMS "peace of mind to sleep, tomorrow goodbye", "caused a big stir in the community, many people scored newspaper public hotline praised the behavior Liguo Long returning lost money. Yesterday, the Municipal Charity Federation, the new residents Services Authority synergy "Paul Chen Huaxin, integrity and moral Fund specifically to visit Liguo Long, and given many awards, the substance of the awards, spiritual encouragement, and also considered the promotion in the future duties when given priority.

As a new resident of a meager wage, when he picked up the wallet on the road, must face a "not have the temptation of $ 1.9 million; when he put the wallet back to the owner, in the face of a" can "really reward two choices, he gives the answer admirable. And he has sent to the owner of the phrase SMS "peace of mind to sleep, tomorrow goodbye", "thoughtful" people moved.

  Returning lost money, should be affirmed. The person concerned in a timely manner with the actual action of returning lost money on this behavior be praise, equally worthy, they give more than just a sum of money, it is a guide to the spirit of returning lost money.

      Such a compliment!

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