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Sleep tight,see you tommorrow!

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(Reporter Su Ying Ying) "I would like to thank a returning lost money, shown with the return of 1.9 million in cash, not a penny of remuneration." Yesterday morning, members of the public the Stephen Wong came to the newspaper said.

         Stephen Wong, February 14 21 am, he tricycle ride from the center of the passenger to the Pure Lotus district. To be willing to Square door, he found the briefcase on the cushion is gone.

      After a million Matsuyama square in front of the dial, a lot of vehicles, seeking only to see the the coachman careful riding, did not pay attention to briefcase slide down the tricycle. "Stephen Wong said," bag 1.9 million in cash, as well as important information and file I originally thought, someone picked up the package should only take away cash, will lose information and documents, so to launch a number of friends along the green belt and trash to find it again. "

        But it was not until 22 am, still nothing, Stephen Wong does not hope, back home, in preparation for the next day to the newspaper login losing advertising. 22:30 Just pick up a pen to write the draft, the phone rang.

      "Sir, you are not missing a package?" The other said he checked the briefcase, find the owner of the phone number from the data, inventory and found 1.9 million in cash. "You have lost so many things certainly be in a hurry, so call the night with you say I is located in the Xianqiao of Zhejiang Huatai Plastic Co., Ltd. employees Liguo Long, tomorrow morning at 8:30 to take the company!"

       Liguo Long listened to the remarks, Stephen Wong was a large stone finally fall. "Sleep tight, see you tommorrow!" Stephen Wong is ready to rest, you receive Liguo Long sent a text message.

"I am to pick up lost property, a gratuity to Liguo Long. 'Remuneration dropped to 1000 yuan from 10,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan, he refused to accept anyway. Finally, the company general manager, said the company will give recognition Stephen Wong said.

  The reporters and Liguo Long contact, he said that already in 2089, asked why do not remuneration, working from Anhui to Swiss Xiaohe He said: "They lost so many files must be in a hurry, it should be returned to him as soon as possible, Where remuneration! "

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