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Accompanied by love, happy summer vacation!

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       Summer has arrived, and workers "migratory birds" who fly out from the campus. How to arrange the gang of "small birds" summer of life is a problem faced by the parents of the staff members.

       In order to better service for front-line workers, Zhejiang Huatai Plastic Co., Ltd. Anyang new residents service management organized accompanied by love, happy summer vacation summer camp. And invited Wenzhou Radio and TV University students, as a teacher of this summer camp. The aim is to let employees feel at ease, so that employees' children happy, real employees solve leave children unattended to worry about, so that every employee children can spend a safe, happy, fulfilling and meaningful holiday.

       The camp is the Huatai run for the first time try to classes, so facing many practical problems and uncertainties. Such as "small migratory birds, their age gap, difficult management of education, safety measures, the implementation of the difficulties in this service management leadership and Anyang new residents several times to discuss. The leadership of the company also attaches great importance to this work, as much as possible to provide the best environment and facilities.

       Young, beautiful and full of passion and vitality classes teachers with love, with their expertise, serious and patient and these "birds" in exchange, at play in counseling. Teach them to sing, dance, painting, recitation, and occasionally also broadcast cartoons they watch, "migratory birds" who quickly and teachers fused in together, there is no distance between each other there are no obstacles, more cheers and laughter.

       The summer camp to get the full recognition of the staff and children of employees through these humane care measures, particularly a sense of belonging in their line of work, particularly the passion and power for the next start-up of the company this activity increased confidence and laid the foundation.

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